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About Tulocay ...

Look up "Tulocay" on the internet and usually the first thing you get is the cemetery down the road. Like where dead people hang out.

In case anybody's wondering, that's not us. Well, we might act like zombies sometimes, especially after a long afternoon of wine tasting, but by and large we're very much alive, thank you very much.

And who are "we"?

Well, there's Bill, the owner/winemaker, and Brie, his daughter and assistant winemaker. Then there's Buddy the dog, the winery cats (ugh!) and me, Skippy, Chief Cellar Rat.

Bill has owned Tulocay ever since he founded the winery in 1975.

What makes Tulocay wines unique?

The winery is located in the Coombsville district just east of downtown Napa. This was once an area devoted to horse farms, but now has come into its own for its uniquely cool grape growing climate (relative to the rest of upper Napa Valley). The Haynes Vineyard from which Bill gets most of his fruit, is located in the Coombsville district.

As Napa Valley wineries go, Tulocay is one of the oldest. It's also one of the smallest. And just in case you're wondering, it doesn't have any trams, fancy tours, gift shops or anything else of the sort. And, oh yeah, it's NOT owned by a mega international corporation.

I see you have a few older wines in your repertoire. How come?

First, Tulocay wines are made to develop with age. Most are bottled unfined and unfiltered, leaving in the wines all the "stuff" that nature endowed them with. That means they are capable of aging for a long time, unlike so many of the corporate wines of today that are fashioned for the "drink me now" generation.

Second, we believe in the old-fashioned way of selling wines; that is, from the winemaker directly to the customer. Wine is a connection. It is family. We would like nothing more than to know each and every person who buys each and every bottle of our wine. Thus, we don't have to rush to get them out the door and onto retail shelves.

Just why do Tulocay reds throw so much sediment?

Today, most folks expect their wines white, pink, and red to be absolutely clear. But highly filtered, crystal clear reds? Forget it! That's like having your peanut butter creamy. Only wimps eat creamy peanut butter. Real men and women eat crunchy peanut butter, just like real men and women drink red wine with stuff in it!

Gee, can anyone visit your winery?

Mais oui! Unlike the hoity-toity tourist-focused wineries that Napa has (unfortunately) become famous for, we offer our own "down home" style of tour just like Napa Valley used to be in the old days before it became Beverly Hills-ified.

And you're even welcome to bring a lunch here and dine at our picnic table under the giant oak in the front patio. Tastings are $25 per person.

The only requirement is to give Bill a call in advance so he can make sure someone's around. Fair enough?

Buddy, Bill, Brie and the winery cats all look forward to seeing you. As for me, Skippy, Chief Cellar Rat, I usually remain in the shadows hopefully munching on cheese.


Tulocay Winery

1426 Coombsville Road  Napa, CA 94558

Phone: (707) 255-4064
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